Princes Risborough Town Council


Market Day in Princes RisboroughThe authority for the Charter Market and the two Fairs are embodied in the Patent Roll which is reproduced below. The Charter Market has since lapsed, although a weekly street market still thrives today. The two Fairs are now held over three days, the actual Fair Day being the middle day of each three. The two Fair days are now held on 6th May and 21st October.

Patent Roll 15 hen. VIII, Part 1 M. 23C. (661642)
For the inhabitants of the town of Prynserisburgh.
The King to all to whom etc. Greeting.

Know that we at the humble supplication of our tenants and inhabitants of our town of Prynserisburgh in our county of Buckingham, parcel of the honour of Walingford, for the improvement of the status of the same town and of the inhabitants as well of our same town as of the adjacent park, by the making common of saleable things in our said town, we will and by the presents do grant that there shall be had and held a certain market on the Wednesday in every week and also two fairs every year, one, that is to say, on the eve, day and morrow of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Sept.8) and the other on the eve, day and morrow of St. George the Martyr (April 23) likewise in the same town in the places there to the same most fitting with all and singular the liberties and customs which to (such) market and fairs belong unless that market and those fairs to be the prejudice of the neighbouring markets and fairs, saving thereof to us, our heirs and successors and profits arising thereby. Wherefore well and firmly enjoin for us and our heirs that the market and fairs aforesaid in the form aforesaid in our town aforesaid may be held and had unless that the market and those fairs to be the prejudice of the neighbouring markets and fairs as is aforesaid and this without fine or fee great or small to be paid or made into our Chancery or the Hanaper of the same, further than 20s 4d. We order our Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire to make public proclamation of the market and fairs aforesaid to be had and held in form aforesaid in the most convenient places throughout his bailwick as well within liberties as without, any statute, etc. In which etc. Witnessed by the King at Westminster on the 15th day of July.
By general bill and of the date aforesaid.


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