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Princes Risborough Town Plan - Action Area Plan

In March 2015 a report was sent to our Cabinet to update our Local Development Scheme. As a part of this update we have set out a timetable for the production of a Princes Risborough town plan. The timetable for this is as follows:

  • ·         Consult on the emerging growth scenario in July 2015
  • ·         Consult on options/preferred options in October-November 2015
  • ·         Consult on a draft plan in April-May 2016
  • ·         Publish a "proposed submission" plan in August-September 2016
  • ·         Submitting for examination in October 2016
  • ·         Holding hearings in January 2017
  • ·         Adopting in July 2017

    Full details relating to Princes Risborough Town Plan can be found by clicking on the link below.

Princes Risborough Town Council (PRTC) is opposed to large scale development on the northern side of the Risborough – Aylesbury railway line, as proposed in the draft Local Plan. Development on this land would set a precedent and potentially lead to uncontrolled urban sprawl across open countryside which is overlooked by the Chiltern Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is PRTC’s considered opinion that all the land from the base of the Chiltern Hills, which extends from the northern border of the Town and lies within Wycombe District, should be re-designated as AONB and/or Greenbelt in order to protect this beautiful countryside for the present and future benefit of all.

Whilst PRTC is mindful of the need for new housing within the Town, particularly for young families, it is against the use of Greenbelt/AONB for such developments. PRTC is also mindful that low employment opportunities in this northern part of Wycombe District and poor road connections on the A4010 in either direction could impact any large-scale development being considered sustainable.

However, the Town Council takes its responsibilities seriously and should, in the worst case scenario, development be considered on land north of the railway line it would be imperative that the necessary infrastructure improvements, (including, but not exclusively, a western relief road, new primary school, new doctors’ surgery and current town centre redevelopment/expansion within the existing commercial centre of The High Street, Duke Street, New Road, Horns Lane and Bell Street), are implemented alongside any housing development. Furthermore, PRTC insist that it should play a key role in all matters relating to any development, including allocation of housing.

PRTC is currently in the process of establishing a Neighbourhood Development Plan to further establish its position.

This methodology considers the key aspects and issues arising from the project to deliver a Housing and Economic Development Assessment (HEDNA) for the commissioning Buckinghamshire Authorities.

This Methodology is set out in various sections -
The Housing Market Assessment (ORS);
Objectively Assessed Need
Overall Housing Need
Need for different types of housing
The Economic Development Needs (Atkins); and

Please click on the link below for a copy of the full report.

Methodology Statement


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